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Floor Buffer Parts. Flooring Il

Floor Buffer Parts

floor buffer parts

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floor buffer parts - Bosch 3727DEVS

Bosch 3727DEVS 3.3 Amp 6-Inch Hook-and-Loop Random-Orbit Variable-Speed Sander/Polisher with Dust Canister

Bosch 3727DEVS 3.3 Amp 6-Inch Hook-and-Loop Random-Orbit Variable-Speed Sander/Polisher with Dust Canister

Backed by a powerful 3.3-amp motor, the Bosch 3727DEVS Random-Orbit Variable-Speed Sander/Polisher makes quick work of sanding, stripping, and polishing jobs. Thanks to Bosch's enhanced random-orbit sanding action, you can count on the 3727DEVS to deliver a clean, swirl-free finish every time. This multipurpose sander uses standard, six-inch hook and loop disks that are easy to change, and it includes a dust canister to protect your lungs and keep your workshop clean.

The Bosch 3727DEVS Random
Orbit Variable Speed Sander/Polisher includes:
Microfilter dust canister (RS026)
Soft backing pad (RS6045)
Removable front handle
5-millimeter hex pad wrench
Sanding disk

A microfilter dust canister keeps potentially harmful particles out of the air. View larger.

Bosch's enhanced random-orbit sanding action and trademarked Constant Response Circuitry safeguard your work surface. View larger.
Enhanced Random-Orbit Sanding Action for a Clean Finish
Whether you're stripping old furniture or prepping new molding for installation, the 3727DEVS delivers aggressive stock removal and a clean, swirl-free finish. Free rotation and a 5/32-inch eccentric orbit diameter (5/64-inch offset) allow the sander's pad to duplicate a natural, hand-sanding action and ensuring that abrasive material never follows the same path twice. This enhanced random-orbit action combines with Bosch's unique integral pad dampening system to keep your workpieces free of swirl marks.
Versatile, Powerful 3.3-Amp Motor for Fast, Smooth Results
The 3727DEVS's 3.3-amp motor provides the power you need to remove stock quickly and efficiently, making fast work of difficult jobs. Bosch's trademarked Constant Response Circuitry maintains constant motor speed no matter how tough the job, providing overload protection and delivering a reduced-torque soft start that safeguards your work surface.
A variable-speed dial lets you adjust from 4,500 to 12,000 OPM for job-specific performance. The 3727DEVS's microcellular backing pad contours for a smooth, fine finish on all types of surfaces.
Since the 3727DEVS uses industry-standard six-hole, six-inch hook and loop disks, you never have to waste time searching for expensive, proprietary abrasive disks, and you never have to deal with messy adhesives.
Ergonomic, Long-Life Design for Extended Use
With a tapered, soft-grip top and ergonomic front and rear handles, the 3727DEVS offers multiple grip positions to help prevent user fatigue. The front handle can be removed easily for sanding in tight spots, and the conveniently placed trigger features a lock-on button for comfort and control during extended periods of use.
The 3727DEVS also features rugged, die-cast aluminum gear housing and an exclusive dual-bearing pad mount that eliminates wobble and vibration, extending the life of your tool and improving your comfort.
Dust Canister for Safety and Convenience
The included Bosch microfilter dust canister with integrated paper filter provides an optimal system for filtering fine dust. The canister traps particles as small as a 1/2 micron in diameter, and it reduces your exposure to potentially harmful particles by collecting more dust than other leading brands.
The compact Bosch 3727DEVS weighs just 5.2 pounds. It is backed by a one-year warranty, 30-day money-back guarantee, and one-year service protection plan.
What's in the Box
Bosch 3727DEVS Random-Orbit Variable-Speed Sander/Polisher, microfilter dust canister (RS026), soft backing pad (RS6045), removable front handle, 5-millimeter hex pad wrench, and sanding disk.

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Friday, September 17, 2010.
I saw a picture of a whales eye a day or two ago but now I've forgotten where. I think they're fairly common, though, there must be other people who see the uncanny intelligence in pigs eyes and those of whales.
pig's eye reincarnation female child male child (They've disabled the control f function. I don't know what it's called. It's the one that allows me to search this draft window, for instance. I think I'll try to shut the computer down. They won't let it go back to default----I think they must have moved control v to control f so that it copied the text I had in the memory buffer into the control f window instead of just opening the window. I just went back and dragged the text in the window and copied it into the memory buffer and now the control f function works. I guess on Apple, it's "command" x.

Every morning as I start the skier and other gargoyles comment as I bring up the windows I need and begin to type in the text and so on. They generally make throat sounds like coughs and clears but there is one that makes inaudible vocalizations on a consistent basis from day to day. Today I decided to stand and see which one it was. I was surprised to see that it was---or at least that it was him I decided on since there is no way of knowing if I'm correct or not---the William Burroughs. He was just sitting in a place from which I thought the sound came. I think most of the other gargoyles were pretty new ones. The male with the salt and pepper hair pulled back in a slightly disreputable looking pony tail is here but the rest were sort of middle aged looking men who seemed to be posing with a catbird smile as I walked by. Of course, I never look very closely and am usually to stressed out to really see what I see. They seem to be getting more cruel every day. When I got back and started to copy these last 3 pictures the William Burroughs came and moved all his things---he has considerable baggage including that large dolly type suitcase and a backpack---and sat behind, then move and is sitting 1 carrel over to my right. I've never really looked at him of course but as he sat down, the thought occurred to me that he's a Jamie Morris. Anyway, he made sounds in his throat and the skier or one of the others cough in what seemed to me to be a reply. He's been quiet now through these last sentences as have the rest of them. "Nick" cruised me twice this morning. Once as I left my house and once as I waited for the bus. As I was leaving my house, I saw a mountain bike coming down 21st so. on the wrong side of the street steering eraticaly in a way that made me think the byciclist was trying to gain my attention. I turned back in order to avoid any interaction with him. (I turned into the Expresso parking lot.) but as I did, I realized it must be "Nick" and knew that he would take revenge on me for trying to avoid him and so I thought about turning around and taking up my original route but that would have been too strange or something so I just made a circuit around the Expresso and he was gone by the time I got back. He had crossed the street and was on the sidewalk part way between 5th and 6th E. I think he was responding to yesterday when cruised me as I waited for a bus. He yelled some kind of greeting at me and instead of vocalizing a response, I nodded. The thought occurred to me that he said something cruel and threatening to me in his mind and under his breath. He gets quite elaborate with revenge vignettes at times and often involves all the backpack males in them. I forgot about a "beaver shot" they gave me yesterday. I was going to write it up at the time but I was working on recording the reading they're having me do. As I've said, they nearly always give me problems when I go to use the restroom---the William Burroughs just greeted a young middle-aged male who has been harassing me for several months. He always sits upstairs, though. I don't think I've ever seen him in the "guest section". I've always thought he has taken the place of the sleeper I've described who tormented me for many years---and this time I went without too much trouble but when I decided to go back and get some water, three 3 main day janitor antagonists crossed my path in a way that made me feel I was being attacked in the subtle way they do. On the first trip to urinate, I noticed a group of student age males and females sitting in the foyer area east of the restroom lobby and I was surprised when they didn't seem to have any awareness of me as I passed. This time, on my way back from getting water, after the 3 day janitors had passed I noticed that one of the student aged females was sitting with ankle crossed over the opposite knee in a way that exposed the inside of her upper thighs. She was staring at or maybe she just looked intently at me for a moment and thought about looking to see if she were exposing her panties but I didn't want to beca

New York Magazine (Art) - See Here Now

New York Magazine (Art) - See Here Now

SOURCE: New York Magazine
TITLE: See Here Now
Three art-rich neighborhoods, 25 new galleries.
DATE: Oct 4, 2009
AUTHOR: Rachel Wolff
MAP BY: Jason Lee

Every gallery here has opened since the start of 2008, and all are exhibiting art that’s startling, affecting, or just plain fun. Since most (though not all) of them show emerging artists, the barriers to buying—financial and otherwise—are low. If you like what you see, you just may be able to take it home.


Jonathan VanDyke at Scaramouche.
(Photo: Courtesy of Scaramouche, NY)
1. Scaramouche
53 Stanton St.; 212-228-2229
Stand back! This little gallery’s first fall opens with Jonathan VanDyke’s minimalist sculptures rigged to spurt out brightly colored paint (through November 1).

2. *Sue Scott
1 Rivington St., second fl. 212-358-8767
Scott’s sizable space, known for group shows and curatorial projects, is presenting an installation by Franklin Evans, who has transformed the gallery into a weird riff on his own studio (through October 24).

*= Jerry Saltz Recommends
3. Nicelle Beauchene
163 Eldridge St. 212-375-8043
Beauchene—who represents a nice mix of emerging and emerged artists—is showing Brooklynite Rachel Foullon’s wall-mounted sculptures of cedar and stained fabric, evoking the textures and details of life in rural America.

4. *Rachel Uffner
47 Orchard St.; 212-274-0064
Uffner’s September opening for Sara Greenberger Rafferty—who’s showing her murky manipulated portraits of seventies comedians through October 25—was packed to the rafters. A definite up-and-comer.

Saltz's Fall Gallery Tour
5. *Lisa Cooley Fine Art
34 Orchard St. 212-680-0564
Cooley represents a small crop of eclectic (and critically well-received) artists, and with the exception of a Texan and one West Coaster, all are local. Up now: a two-man show by painters Jon Pestoni and Zak Prekop (through October 18).

6. Collette Blanchard
26 Clinton St.; 917-639-3912
Blanchard made a splash last October with “Belle du Jour” (images of the female figure as imagined by E.?V. Day, Mickalene Thomas, Shinique Smith, and others). Feminism is on the roster this fall, too, with Nancy Friedemann’s unexpectedly dramatic enamel paintings of lace and embroidery—a confluence of traditionally male and female media (through October 26).

7. Satori
164 Stanton St.; 646-896-1075
Like Blanchard, Satori is farther east than most local spaces, and both are worth the trek. This month, see one of the area’s few sculpture shows: Benjamin S. Jones’s wooden models inspired by not-so-stable urban architecture and planning (through October 18).

Lilla LoCurto at Sloan Fine Art.
(Photo: Courtesy of the artist and Sloan Fine Art Gallery)
8. Sloan Fine Art
128 Rivington St. 212-477-1140
Alix Sloan worked as a private art dealer in Los Angeles before opening here in 2008. In November, look for a series of anthropomorphic digital animations and prints by Lilla LoCurto and Bill Outcault, which look like high-tech medical illustrations run amok.

9. *X Initiative
548 W. 22nd St.; 917-697-4886
A one-year project in the old Dia space, this is a not-for-profit spearheaded by dealer Elizabeth Dee. Phase two of its three-part season is on view through the end of this month. In addition to seeing the three artists within the building, don’t miss the roof installation made of swimming-pool noodles.

10. *Horton & Liu
504 W. 22nd St.; 212-243-2663
This gallery specializes in painting and is located on the parlor floor of a Chelsea brownstone, giving it the pre-white-cube vibe of an earlier age. It debuted in September with a show of brightly colored, densely structured, faintly Cubist paintings by Michael Berryhill (through October 10).

11. *David Zwirner
524 W. 19th St.; 212-517-8677
Mega-dealer David Zwirner—who’s showing Chris Ofili and Raoul De Keyser across the street through October 24—will open his fourth Chelsea storefront early next year, expanding his retail space to an immense 40,000 square feet. The new building, a.k.a. Shigeru Ban’s Metal Shutter Houses, is almost an exhibit itself.

Joe Fig at Hendershot Gallery.
(Photo: Courtesy of the artist and Hendershot Gallery)
12. Hendershot Gallery
547 W. 27th St., Ste. 632 212-239-3085
James Hendershot represents commercial as well as fine-arts photographers, giving him a cash buffer in tricky times. He also reps a wide range of up-and-comers like Joe Fig, whose witty paintings and sculptures of artists’ studios—reproducing in micro-detail the worktable of, say, Ross Bleckner or Chuck Close—go on view October 15.

13. Slag
531 W. 25th St.; 212-967-9818
A passion project from Romanian-born collector Irina Protopopescu, Slag (named, symbolically, for the unwanted but recyclable by-product of ore smelting) opened last summer to showcase Eastern European artists. Right now, she’s hosting Romanian artist Mircea Suciu, whose bleak paintings look like fifties ads stripped of all their chipper optimism.

Kenji Hirata

floor buffer parts

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