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Surplus floor outlet. Auto floor liners.

Surplus Floor Outlet

surplus floor outlet

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Surplus inks

Surplus inks

First test run and setup of my Adana Model 8x5 letterpress.

Surplus printing ink from a local print shop... crusty on the top but sweet underneath.
Lessons learned:
1. a tiny little bit of ink is still way too much.
2. cheap paper sucks
3. patience is a virtue
4. garages are cold
5. Printing ink doesn't come off lots of things, even with solvents.

More to follow.

New Job: warming myself by the space heater on the floor

New Job: warming myself by the space heater on the floor

I have to dress in more layers at New Job!

Striped sweater: Gap outlet store years ago
Skinny jeans: H&M
Paratrooper jump boots: Army surplus
Angora cowl: handmade by me
Silver clasp on cowl: handmade by a nice lady on Cape Cod, MA

surplus floor outlet

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